Название dllСсылка
6to4svc.dll - Service that offers IPv6 connectivity over an IPv4 network.
aaaamon.dll - Aaaa Monitor DLL
aaclient.dll - Anywhere access client
AcAdProc.dll - Windows Compatibility DLL
ACCTRES.dll - Microsoft Internet Account Manager Resources
AcGenral.dll - Windows Compatibility DLL
AcLayers.dll - Windows Compatibility DLL
acledit.dll - Access Control List Editor
aclui.dll - Security Descriptor Editor
acppage.dll - Compatibility Tab Shell Extension Library
acprgwiz.dll - Application Compatibility Program Wizard
acproxy.dll - Autochk Proxy DLL
ActionCenter.dll - Security and Maintenance
ActionCenterCPL.dll - Action Center Control Panel
ActionQueue.dll - Unattend Action Queue Generator / Executor
ActiveContentWizard.dll - Active Content Wizard
activeds.dll - DLL de la couche de routage AD
actxprxy.dll - ActiveX Interface Marshaling Library
adammigrate.dll - Active Directory Lightweight Directory Services migration plugin
adapt.dll - MSN Money Adaptation DLL
adfsmig.dll - ADFS Migration Plugin dll
adhapi.dll - AD harvest sites and subnets API
adhsvc.dll - AD Harvest Sites and Subnets Service
admexs.dll - IIS AdminEx sample DLL
admparse.dll - IEAK Global Policy Template Parser
AdmTmpl.dll - Administrative Templates Extension
ADMXPROX.DLL - IIS Admin Ex Com API Proxy dll
adprovider.dll - adprovider DLL
adptif.dll - IPX Interface via WinSock
adrclient.dll - Microsoft® Access Denied Remediation Client
adsldp.dll - ADs LDAP Provider DLL
adsldpc.dll - ADs LDAP Provider C DLL
adsmsext.dll - ADs LDAP Provider DLL
adsnds.dll - DLL-fil for ADs NDS
adsnt.dll - ADs Windows NT Provider DLL
adsnw.dll - ADs Netware 3.12 Provider DLL
adtschema.dll - Security Audit Schema DLL
advapi32.dll - Advanced Windows 32 Base API
advapi32res.dll - Advanced Windows 32 Base API
advpack.dll - ADVPACK
adwsmigrate.dll - Active Directory Web Services migration plugin
aecache.dll - AECache Sysprep Plugin
aeevts.dll - Application Experience Event Resources
aeinv.dll - Application Experience Program Inventory Component
aelupsvc.dll - Application Experience Service
aepdu.dll - Program Compatibility Data Updater
aepic.dll - Application Experience Program Cache
AepRoam.dll - Association Endpoint(AEP) Roaming Monitor and Handler
agcore.dll - Microsoft agcore dll
AgentCtl.dll - Microsoft Agent Control
ALRes409.dll - Microsoft AppLocale
alrsvc.dll - Alerter Service DLL
AltTab.dll - Windows Shell Alt Tab
amxread.dll - API Tracing Manifest Read Library
apcups.dll - APC Smart Provider
apds.dll - Microsoft® Help Data Services Module
api-ms-win-appmodel-identity-l1-1-0.dll - ApiSet Stub DLL
api-ms-win-appmodel-runtime-internal-l1-1-0.dll - ApiSet Stub DLL
api-ms-win-appmodel-runtime-l1-1-0.dll - ApiSet Stub DLL
api-ms-win-appmodel-runtime-l1-1-1.dll - ApiSet Stub DLL
api-ms-win-appmodel-state-l1-1-0.dll - ApiSet Stub DLL
api-ms-win-appmodel-state-l1-1-1.dll - ApiSet Stub DLL
api-ms-win-base-bootconfig-l1-1-0.dll - ApiSet Stub DLL
api-ms-win-base-util-l1-1-0.dll - ApiSet Stub DLL
api-ms-win-core-apiquery-l1-1-0.dll - ApiSet Stub DLL
api-ms-win-core-appcompat-l1-1-0.dll - ApiSet Stub DLL
api-ms-win-core-appcompat-l1-1-1.dll - ApiSet Stub DLL
api-ms-win-core-appinit-l1-1-0.dll - ApiSet Stub DLL
api-ms-win-core-atoms-l1-1-0.dll - ApiSet Stub DLL
api-ms-win-core-bem-l1-1-0.dll - ApiSet Stub DLL
api-ms-win-core-bicltapi-l1-1-0.dll - ApiSet Stub DLL
api-ms-win-core-bicltapi-l1-1-1.dll - ApiSet Stub DLL
api-ms-win-core-biplmapi-l1-1-0.dll - ApiSet Stub DLL
api-ms-win-core-biplmapi-l1-1-1.dll - ApiSet Stub DLL
api-ms-win-core-biptcltapi-l1-1-0.dll - ApiSet Stub DLL
api-ms-win-core-biptcltapi-l1-1-1.dll - ApiSet Stub DLL
api-ms-win-core-calendar-l1-1-0.dll - ApiSet Stub DLL
api-ms-win-core-com-l1-1-0.dll - ApiSet Stub DLL
api-ms-win-core-com-l1-1-1.dll - ApiSet Stub DLL
api-ms-win-core-com-private-l1-1-0.dll - ApiSet Stub DLL
api-ms-win-core-comm-l1-1-0.dll - ApiSet Stub DLL
api-ms-win-core-console-l1-1-0.dll - ApiSet Stub DLL
api-ms-win-core-console-l2-1-0.dll - ApiSet Stub DLL
api-ms-win-core-crt-l1-1-0.dll - ApiSet Stub DLL
api-ms-win-core-crt-l2-1-0.dll - ApiSet Stub DLL
api-ms-win-core-datetime-l1-1-0.dll - ApiSet Stub DLL
api-ms-win-core-datetime-l1-1-1.dll - ApiSet Stub DLL
api-ms-win-core-debug-l1-1-0.dll - ApiSet Stub DLL
api-ms-win-core-debug-l1-1-1.dll - ApiSet Stub DLL
api-ms-win-core-delayload-l1-1-0.dll - ApiSet Stub DLL
api-ms-win-core-delayload-l1-1-1.dll - ApiSet Stub DLL
api-ms-win-core-errorhandling-l1-1-0.dll - ApiSet Stub DLL
api-ms-win-core-errorhandling-l1-1-1.dll - ApiSet Stub DLL
api-ms-win-core-fibers-l1-1-0.dll - ApiSet Stub DLL
api-ms-win-core-fibers-l1-1-1.dll - ApiSet Stub DLL
api-ms-win-core-fibers-l2-1-0.dll - ApiSet Stub DLL
api-ms-win-core-fibers-l2-1-1.dll - ApiSet Stub DLL
api-ms-win-core-file-l1-1-0.dll - ApiSet Stub DLL
api-ms-win-core-file-l1-2-0.dll - ApiSet Stub DLL
api-ms-win-core-file-l1-2-1.dll - ApiSet Stub DLL