Dll файлы, начинающиеся с буквы I

Название dllСсылка
i3BaseDx_Cli.dll - N/A
i3basedx.dll - N/A
i3FrameworkDx.dll - N/A
i3GfxDx.dll - N/A
i3InputDx.dll - N/A
i3SceneDx.dll - N/A
iAdCore.dll - iAd Core
ialmdev5.dll - Component GHAL Driver
ias.dll - Network Policy Server
iasacct.dll - IAS-redovisningsprovider
iasads.dll - NPS Active Directory Data Store
iasdatastore.dll - NPS Datastore server
iashlpr.dll - NPS Surrogate Component
IasMigPlugin.dll - NPS Migration DLL
iasnap.dll - NPS NAP Provider
iaspolcy.dll - NPS Pipeline
iasrad.dll - NPS RADIUS Protocol Component
iasrecst.dll - NPS XML Datastore Access
iassam.dll - NPS NT SAM Provider
iassdo.dll - NPS SDO Component
iassvcs.dll - NPS Services Component
IBSProvider.dll - DISM IBS Provider
icaapi.dll - DLL Interface to TermDD Device Driver
icardie.dll - Microsoft Information Card IE Helper
icardres.dll - Windows CardSpace
icccodes.dll - Provides ICC signature codes and descriptions for Manufacturer and Model
IcCoinstall.dll - Hyper-V Integration Components Coinstaller
IcCoinstall2.dll - Hyper-V Integration Components Coinstaller
iccvid.dll - Cinepak® Codec
ICFGNT.dll - Internet Connection Wizard
icfgnt5.dll - Internet Connection Wizard
icfupgd.dll - Windows Firewal ICF Settings Upgrade
ICG32.DLL - Intuit Internet Glue DLL
iChat.dll - N/A
icm32.dll - Microsoft Color Management Module (CMM)
icmp.dll - ICMP DLL
icmui.dll - Microsoft Color Matching System User Interface DLL
ICOM32.DLL - Icom32.dll
IconCodecService.dll - Converts a PNG part of the icon to a legacy bmp icon
iconlib.dll - Icon Library
iconv.dll - LGPLed libiconv for Windows NT/2000/XP and Windows 95/98/ME
icqcore.dll - ICQ Core
icsfiltr.dll - Windows Calendar IFilter
icsigd.dll - Internet Gateway Device properties
icsvc.dll - Virtual Machine Integration Component Service
icudt36.dll - ICU Data DLL
icudt40.dll - ICU Data DLL
icudt44.dll - ICU Data DLL
icudt46.dll - ICU Data DLL
icudt48.dll - ICU Data DLL
icudt49.dll - ICU Data DLL
icudt51.dll - ICU Data DLL
icudt52.dll - ICU Data DLL
icudt53.dll - ICU Data DLL
icudt55.dll - ICU Data DLL
icudt56.dll - ICU Data DLL
icudt57.dll - ICU Data DLL
icui18n.dll - N/A
icuin36.dll - IBM ICU I18N DLL
icuin40.dll - IBM ICU I18N DLL
icuin44.dll - ICU I18N DLL
icuin46.dll - ICU I18N DLL
icuin51.dll - ICU I18N DLL
icuin52.dll - ICU I18N DLL
icuin53.dll - ICU I18N DLL
icuin55.dll - ICU I18N DLL
icuin57.dll - ICU I18N DLL
icuuc.dll - icuuc Dynamic Link Library
icuuc36.dll - IBM ICU Common DLL
icuuc38.dll - IBM ICU Common DLL
icuuc40.dll - IBM ICU Common DLL
icuuc44.dll - ICU Common DLL
icuuc46.dll - ICU Common DLL
icuuc51.dll - ICU Common DLL
icuuc52.dll - ICU Common DLL
icuuc53.dll - ICU Common DLL
icuuc55.dll - ICU Common DLL
icuuc57.dll - ICU Common DLL
icwdial.dll - Automatisk uppringning for guiden Internet-anslutning
icwphbk.dll - Guiden Internet-anslutning
id3lib.dll - ID3lib Dynamic Link Library
IdCtrls.dll - Identity Controls
idle.dll - Microsoft(R) Visual C++ Idle Component
IdListen.dll - Identity Listener
idndl.dll - Downlevel DLL
idq.dll - ISAP-tillagg for indexeringstjansten
IDStore.dll - Identity Store
idtsec.dll - IdtechHidMsr
IEAdvpack.dll - ADVPACK
ieakeng.dll - Internet Explorer Administration Kit Engine Library
ieaksie.dll - Internet Explorer Snap-in Extension to Group Policy
ieakui.dll - Microsoft IEAK Shared UI DLL
ieapfltr.dll - Microsoft Phishing Filter
IECONT.DLL - Microsoft Internet Explorer Contacts
IECONTLC.DLL - Microsoft Internet Explorer Contacts resources
iedkcs32.dll - IEAK branding
ieencode.dll - Microsoft Character Encoder